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This photo shows the interior view of a late nineteenth-century worker's home in St. Fagans, Wales, rebuilt for display at The National Maritime Museum.

This painting depicts the dark scene of a lagoon near Venice at nightfall. Boats and gondolas float in the waters beyond the cityscape.

This painting by William Blake portrays a story from the Bible, as an angel comes down to assist Jesus during a moment of "agony."

This lithograph portrays patients being treated in a Turkish hospital during the Crimean War.

This painting by Fritz von Uhde portrays a mourning woman with her head in her hands.

This dark illustration by Gustave Dore depicts a family sleeping on a bridge in London, with the masts of ships and the stars in view beyond.

This illustration depicts the Pied Piper from Robert Browning's The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Here, he plays his pipe while being followed by a mob of children.

This illustration depicts the exterior view of the Great Eastern Steam Ship, as well as a cross-section revealing its interior layout, drawn by I.K. Brunel Esqr. F.R.S.

This photograph highlights the knight in a game of chess.

This map depicts Goodman's Fields in London, England.
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