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A (potential) lithograph created for the 1807 edition of George Colman, the Younger’s book John Bull; or The Englishman's Fireside: A Comedy, in Five Acts.

A (potential) lithograph or sketch created for the 1839 edition of Grace Darling; Or, the Heroine of the Fern Islands, a book written by George William MacArthur Reynolds.

A.S. Lyon's experience living in the East End of London in 1823.

A.S. Lyon's life in London and emigration to the Caribbean

A.S. Lyon keeps a diary about his experiences living in London's East End, travels throughout Scotland and Europe, and his decision to emigrate to the West Indies.

A black and white digital version of a painting by the artist John Jackson of famous British stage actor William Charles Macready.

A cardboard, pencil, and watercolor illustration of a typical nineteenth-century counting house.

A caricature emphasizing the filth of London.

A celebration in the streets of Barbados following the emancipation of slavery

A chocolate bar featuring an image of Grace Darling, a woman from Northumberland, famous for participating in the rescue of survivors from a shipwreck in 1838.

A contemporary diagram illustrating a third-rate ship.

A copy of _The History of Gambling in England_ by John Ashton. A book written on gambling habits and conduct during the nineteenth century. Provides context into A.S. Lyon's gambling and gaming habits.

A cover page on the Isle of Wight.

A day dress worn in Britain from 1836-1840.

A description of one of Lyon's literary interests, Sir Walter Scott's novel, _The Betrothed_.

A digital copy of a painting of Kirkstall Abbey in Yorkshire, UK by artist Thomas Girtin.

A digital copy of a painting of the River Clyde in Scotland.

A digital copy of The Counting-House Assistant, or, A Brief Digest of American Mercantile Law by J.C. Gilleland.

A digital image of Abraham Septimus Lyon's grave stone in a Jewish cemetery in Kingston, Jamaica. Born August 22, 1804 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England and died October 10, 1872. Husband to Sarah Lindo Lyon (1823-1906).

A digital image of a coloured chromolithograph from the 1880 edition of Morris' Country Seats. Abbotsford was the estate of Sir Walter Scott.

A digital image of an engraving of Maria Foote as the Countess of Harrington, taken from the 1908 book _Devonshire Characters and Strange Events_.

A digital image of an illustration of a singing society in France and Belgium.

A digital image of an illustration of the British Museum and St. James' Place in London.

A digitized version of Blumenbach's _Institutions of Physiology_ translated and supplied with copious notes from John Elliotson M.D.

A drawing of how men dressed in the 1830s

A drawing of the Great Synagogue in London.

A first-hand expose of the slums of the East End written by an anonymous author.

A group of people dancing the quadrille in a ballroom.

A hand drawn photo of men playing billiards in the 19th century.

A horse-drawn coach from the 19th century

A hospital ward in Scutari, Turkey.

A map of Barbados.

A map of Barbados from 1750.

A map of Plymouth, Stonehouse, and Devonport.

A map of the city

A map of the Kensington Gardens, a place where A.S. Lyon spent his free time with Henrietta and Ellen while strolling through London.

A map of the W. End of London in 1817 taken from "Walks Through London, Including Westminister and the Borough of Southwark, with the Surrounding Suburbs"

A member of the Lyon family leaves Jamaica to travel in the US .

An article from the periodical, The Weekly True Sun, of London, England, detailing events happening on the Isle of Wight about 8 years after Lyon's visit.

An etching by T.L. Busby ca. 1826 of the phenomenon of the blue devils, depicting a man preparing to hang himself.

An example of homes in nineteenth-century Jamaica

An illustration from A Tour to the Isle of Wight (page 55 in source text; page 66 in digital source) of the West Cowes Harbour. The book was Illustrated with eighty views which were drawn and engraved in aquatinta by Charles Tomkins (1796). In his diary, Lyon mentions that he arrived in Cowes Harbour.

An illustration of Cowes Castle published in A Tour of the Isle of Wight (page 57; 69 on digital edition). This image depicts the place where Lyon stops off at on a voyage to dine (1826-39 Diary, page 30).

An illustration of the Brighton "Comet" Stage Coach transporting passengers in 1836.

An image of a Backgammon board.

An image of a game called "The Game of Chance, or Harlequin takes all."

An image of a June 12th, 1821 playbill from the Drury Lane Theatre in London, England.

An image of an 1826 painting, The West Indiaman Britannia.

An image of an engraved map of London, England, created in 1830.

An image of an illustration of a "tête-à-tête" conversation in the mid-1800s.

An image of a painting of the HMS Barham, a ship that A.S. Lyon mentions in his diary in 1838.

An image of the cover page to the first edition of Ivanhoe.

A painting depicting Grace Darling at the Forfarshire wreck.

A panoramic daguerreotype of Paris and the River Seine.

A passage from an account of an 1831 hurricane as it hit Barbados, featuring Sir James Lyon, the governor of Barbados at the time.

A photograph of Harbour Parade in Ramsgate.

A photograph of the Kensington Gardens called The "Arcades".

A photograph of the London Bridge circa 1870-1890. The Bridge was built and designed by John Rennie.

A playbill from Theatre Royal, Drury Lane for Tuesday, November 13, 1827.

A portrait of Scottish author Sir Walter Scott.

A print of the Royal Coburg Theatre.

Aquatint print of a scene at the Drury Lane Theatre in 1821, from a series of similar prints by George and Robert Cruikshank illustrating Pierce Egan's Real Life in London.

A recent photo of Naomi Cream.

Arrest of a Jewish man in the West End, London, on Crawford Street. 1833. Published in essay.

Arrest of Jewish man, West End, London, on Crawford Street. 1833. Published in essay.

A satirical caricature referencing the filthy state of the River Thames in the mid-19th Century.

A short article about business in a counting house from The Weekly True Sun newspaper.

A Staunton-style chess set

A team raises the mast, being not afraid of heights!

A Victorian-era guide to etiquette.

A watercolor map of a plan of Richmond and Kew Gardens.


Black and white digital image of an illustration of Maria Foote, British stage actress, in 1824.


Copies of hand-written letters and various statements made by Emma Lyon, A.S. Lyon's sister in 1813.

Cover page in The New Swell's Night Guide.


Dancing at the nineteenth-century London club, Almack's.

Depiction of Egyptian Hall, a banquet hall in the Mansion House.

Depiction of men served at a barber's shop in London.

Depiction of the crowding and filth in London.

Depiction of the Mansion House and the bustling city street beyond.

Diane Lyon Wead and Heidi Kaufman spoke in August, 2017.

Diary kept by Sarah Lindo Lyon during her travels to France

Digital image of a column in the Yorkshire Gazette mentioning an exhibition at Somerset House.

Digital image of an early photograph taken of Paris from the Pont Neuf, the oldest standing bridge crossing the river Seine, in 1840.

Digital image of an illustration of The City of London Tavern.

Digital image of a painting of a ship leaving Dover.

Discussion about The Lyon Archive

Drawing of the Covent Garden Theatre interior.

Drawing of the interior of Almack's Assembly Rooms.


Engraving of a nineteenth-century wedding.

Engraving of the racecourse at Doncaster.

Etching of a military hospital and nearby monument on the island of Barbados.

Etching of Edinburgh, Scotland skyline in 1820.

Etching of Leicester Square in London.


Four couples dancing a quadrille at a ball.


Games in the 19th century.


Illustration depicting the Royal Exchange at Cornhill in London.

Illustration of a ball at Almack's Assembly Rooms in London.

Illustration of a crowded drawing room.

Illustration of a doctor bloodletting a patient.

Illustration of a family sleeping on the street.

Illustration of a London prison.

Illustration of a lottery drawing at Cooper's Hall in early nineteenth-century London.

Illustration of a man discussing the "blue devils" with a doctor.

Illustration of a man suffering from the "blue devils."

Illustration of a masquerade ball at The Pantheon in London.

Illustration of an audience watching an onstage performance at Drury Lane Theatre.

Illustration of a neighborhood in London, England.

Illustration of an ice-cream seller in a bustling London street.

Illustration of a scene from Dickens's A Christmas Carol.

Illustration of a steam ship.

Illustration of four dancers dancing a quadrille.

Illustration of men enjoying a coffee house.

Illustration of the front exterior of Theatre Royal Covent Garden.

Illustration of the front of Drury Lane Theatre and the surrounding streets.

Illustration of the interior of the Bank of England.

Illustration of the Pied Piper followed by children.

Illustration of the stage and surrounding audience inside the Drury Lane Theatre.

Illustration of three women in Barbados.

Illustration of two ballroom dancers dancing the "mazurka."

Illustration of two boys smoking cigarettes.

Illustration of worship at the Great Synagogue in London.

Image depicting a Jewish wedding within in a synagogue's courtyard, perhaps like James Lyon's wedding to Miss Hart (Feb. 15, 1826).

Image of a print of Kingston Harbor, Jamaica in 1806.

Image of a title page for The Three Hunchbacks, a play A.S. Lyon attended on Feb 4, 1826.

Image of newspaper article

Image of _The Soho Bazaar_, an example of the type of shopping center A.S. Lyon visited in 1826

Interviews with members of the Lyon family


Knight piece in a chess game.


Landscape illustration of the Tower of London overlooking the Thames.

Landscape image of Kew Gardens and Syon House.

Landscape painting of the River Thames.

Landscape view of Hyde Park.

Landscape view of Kew Palace and its surrounding grounds.

Life at sea meant short bursts of work followed by short periods of rest, these four-hour long segments of the day are called watches.


Map of Barbados.

Map of Goodman's Fields

Map of Jamaica in 1671.

Men making hats in a press room.

Mentions of playing games by A.S. Lyon throughout his diary.


Naomi Cream and Diane Lyon Wead researching and transcribing A.S. Lyon's diary.

Naomi Cream and Heidi Kaufman spoke in August, 2017 about Naomi's family research.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne from New Chatham engraving by William Miller after Thomas Allom, published in Westmoreland, Cumberland, Durham & Northumberland.

Newspaper advertisement in the London newspaper The Leader, announcing Dr. Van Oven's new book.

Newspaper announcement for a performance at the New Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

Newspaper columns listing bankruptcies in London, England.

Night-time landscape of ships on a lagoon.


Obituary for Dr. James Johnson, one of A.S. Lyon's doctors.

Oil on canvas painting depicting a sailboat headed to Jamaica.

Oil painting of the moon rising over a harbor.


Page 136 from The Arts of Beauty; or, Secrets of a Lady's Toilet, an etiquette handbook published in 1858.

Painting illustrating an angel holding Jesus.

Painting of a Jewish man praying.

Painting of a man writing a letter.

Painting of a woman crying.

Painting of Barbados.

Painting of boys playing a game in the street.

Painting of John Braham.

Painting of St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

Painting of the Covent Garden Market in London.

Parody illustration of waiter serving a woman dressed in crinoline.

Photograph depicting the Globe Theatre in London.

Photograph of a British billiards game.

Photograph of Castle Newcastle-on-Tyne and Blackgate.

Photograph of Fournier Street in London.

Photograph of Naomi Cream as a baby.

Photograph of steamer

Photograph of the clock at Victoria Railway Station.

Photograph of the interior of a 19th century home in Wales.

Photograph of the interior of Hambro Synagogue in London.

Photograph of Tulloch Castle.

Photograph of two men playing a game of chess.

Photograph of Victorian people playing chess.

Photograph taken of Ramsgate in 1843

Picture depicting Leadenhall Street, London in 1837.

Poem by Emma Lyon, printed in issue 34 of La Belle Assemblée, July 1812.

Porte Saint-Denis around 1840.

Portrait of Annie Chinery Cameron (born c. 1851) by Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879). Annie, Daughter of Dr. Edward Chinery from Lymington, married Cameron's son Ewen.

Portrait of Catherine "Kitty" Stephens.

Portrait of Dr. James Johnson.


References to anxiety.

References to Depression and Business in Lyon's Diary.


Seaside Painting of Ramsgate.

Sketched map of Falmouth Harbor

Still image of men playing whist.

Streetview of Street in White Chapel district of London in 1849. Digital scan of a sketch of the streets of White Chapel London in 1849 where Lyon and the Harts lived and spent much of their time.


Table of whist leads [recto]. Photograph of whist combinations, with table printed on reverse.

The title and advertisement to the 3rd and 4th edition of a book on bankruptcy in 19th century London. Includes descriptions pertinent to Lyon's financial struggles and his brother's bankruptcy in the 1800s.

The title page of a first edition copy of Sir Walter Scott's journal, published in 1890 from his original manuscript.

The town of Newcastle

This book is one that Lyon read over the course of many months in 1826

This is a map of the Bay of Biscay.

Thomas Eakins painting of Victorian chess players.

Title page of David Hume's The History of England.

Title page of Le Pilote: Roman Américain, a translation of James Fenimore Cooper's novel, The Pilot (1823).

Travels to Paris


Watercolor painting of the Charity Children congregating in St. Paul Cathedral.


£1 note from the Bank of England, signed by Abraham Newland, Chief Cashier