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Physical archives, or those found in libraries or public buildings, rely on paper, filing cabinets, and archivists to preserve records from the past. A digital archive, because of its shape-shifting, dynamic format, has the power to deliberately reorder or reimagine features of the records only hinted at in the originals.

Interactive projects on The Lyon Archive offer a few examples of how digital platforms and tools can help us study archival records by reworking, reimagining, and speculating opon features of the originals. Alternately, digital multimedia projects, like those listed below, enable us to wonder and debate silences in the original materials. 

The following cluster of multimedia projects offer a few examples of the way we can use digital platforms to help us re-think archival holdings and the creation of archives for the study of the past and its relationship with the present and future. Put differently, the projects on this site do more than preserve objects from the past; they create a space in which to explore why those objects still matter to us today. 

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