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Over the course of the nineteenth century members of every generation of the Lyon family kept diaries, wrote textbooks, or published works of poetry or fiction. Digital copies of their work appears below. The manuscript diaries, stored in a private family archive, have been digitized and are the subject of several interactive exhibits on this site. Transcriptions of the diaries appear alongside the originals. The Lyon Archive makes the diaries available to the public while placing them within the context of a longer family history of writing, learning, and publication.  


A.S. Lyon, 1823 Diary

Transcription of A.S. Lyon's 1823 Diary by Naomi Cream


A.S. Lyon, 1826-39 Diary

Transcription of A.S. Lyon's 1826-39 Diary by Naomi Cream


Sarah Lindo, 1840 Diary

Transcription of Sarah Lindo's 1840 Diary by Naomi Cream


Mystery Diary, 1876

Transcription of the Mystery Diary, 1876, by Sarah Wyer


Emma Lyon, Miscellaneous Poems (1812)


Lucy Henry, The Roll Call (1892)

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